Experienced CNC laser cutting and CNC punching specialists.

We have the very latest laser cutting machinery – the Amada F03015 Flying Optic Laser with the stacking system to enable lights-out-production, which is extremely cost-effective for small and large batch production with pre-programmed accurate data, and rapid processing or piercing of thick materials. The CNC control is specifically developed for lasering and computing the appropriate cutting speed, taking the dynamic behaviour of the machine and the contour to be cut into account. With tolerances down to 0.1mm, we specialise in intricate and awkward laser profiling, attainable only with the correct machinery and highly skilled technicians.

This Flying Optic Laser utilises a large working area with a maximum flat sheet size of 3000mm x 1500mm. It’s powcnc laser cuttingerful 4kw resonator/oscillator and 900-condition cutting database allows us flexibility for a wide variety of metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium; and varying thicknesses.

The water assisted cutting process improves results in component quality and reliability, and 12 second pallet exchange increases lasering efficiency.

CNC Laser cutting techniques:
Oxygen Cut – standard laser processing
Clean Cut – prevents material burning, dross, and oxidised film layer formation
Air Cut – low cost processing
Easy Cut (Option) – optimium for processing coated steel sheet

CNC Laser cutting capacity:
Aluminium up to 6mm thick
Mild steel up to 15mm thick
Stainless steel 12mm thick
Stainless steel Clean Cut up to 10mm thick

J&S Laser Profiles use the very best CNC machinery. Alongside our Laser Cutter, we have the Amada Apelio III Laser / Punch Combination Machine, an exceptionally productive Punch Press complete with the MP250 load and unload automation module enabling lights-out-production. This state-of-the-art manufacturing system offers unrivalled flexibility and productivity over stand-alone NCT’s and Lasers; it embraces the individual strengths of both forms of processing whilst eliminating inherent weaknesses associated with both types of machinery, offering new levels of speed and cost-effectiveness.

With a Press capacity of 20 tonne, this Laser / Punch Combination Machine is armed with a 31 Station Turret, Hydraulic Ram, axis speeds of up to 128m/min and a hit rate of 1000 hits per minute. It utilises a large working area with a maximum flat sheet size of 2500mm x 1250mm, and a powerful 2kw resonator. The load/unload mechanism gives economic “Lights-Out” 24/7 production.

Press capacity:
Punching – Mild steel up to 6mm
Lasering – Mild steel up to 8mm
Lasering – Stainless steel up to 6mm


“A tour of the J&S fab shop and CNC machinery back in 2005 instantly instilled us with confidence in their ability to create bespoke chassis components for our high speed vehicles. J&S have been providing a fast and professional fabrication service to us ever since.”
Director, Automobile Engineering Company, August 2008

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